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Absorption Heat Pump Project

Hope Deepblue Build Absorption Heat Pump Future


At 10:00 am of Oct. 10th , under the witness of many experts, customers and media friends, a long line of heavy trucks, loading two unit world's largest heat pump, rolled out of the Hope Deepblue production base slowly.  


With single unit's length 11.5m, width 4.45m, height 9.13m and operating weight 288t, the dimension of these two genuine “Super Jumbo” is roughly equivalent to a three-story building, that's why they can only be transported by split parts, and Deepblue will be responsible for the on-site assembly.

Heating Capacity

They are fully customized for a famous power plant in the northern part of China to recover the waste heat from 2×350MW cogeneration units. The single unit heating capacity can reach 73.15MW.

Project Introduction

Combining the cogeneration units and the peak-adjusting boiler, this project can provide heating for 18 million square meters of urban residents. Thereinto, the cogeneration unit can meet the heating demand for 11 million square meters of urban residents during the peak period, and the rest of the heating demand will be met by the peaking boiler room. If the central heating is provided for 24 hours in 150 days, the preliminary estimation shows that the total waste heat recovery of the heat pump in the annual heating season can generate economic benefits of approx. 260 million CNY/year, saving 53,000 tons of standard coal/year, and saving steam cooling water is 620,000 tons/year, reducing CO2 emissions by 132,000 tons/year.


The smooth production and delivery of the super-large heat pump is just an epitome that reveals the constant hard work and brave innovation of all Deepblue employees. Recently, large heat pumps projects come to Deepblue, successively, and now they are under production as the plan, e.g., 2 units 31.63MW steam recovery heat pump for Baoshan Thermal Power Station, 1 unit 12MW direct fired heat pump for Inner Mongolia New Energy company, 1 unit 8.4MW direct fired heat pump for Yantai Henghui Heavy Industrial Plant, etc. Moreover, there are 5 unit large heat pump operating in Sonderborg and Torring, Denmark.

Our Mission

The production and delivery of the super jumbo heat pump embodies the ingenuity and shines the intelligence of all Deepblue employees. Adhering to the company philosophy and social responsibility, Deepblue always devote itself to energy conservation, environmental protection and waste heat utilization.