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LiBr Chiller LiBr Heat Pump Download
Category II LiBr Absorption Heat Pump Unit

Unit heating capacity:  350kW- 11630kW

Heat input: Steam, hot water, exhaust, direct fire.



Class II absorption heat pump is a kind of device driven by low-temperature residual/waste heat, which absorbs heat (an unique function for LiBr absorption heat pump) to generate hot water with the temperature higher than the waste heat. A typical feature of this heat pump is that no other driven power exists, it can generate hot water with the temperature higher than the waste heat. That’s why this class II absorption heat pumps are referred to as the “temperature boosting” absorption heat pump.

Waste Heat Recovery. Energy Conservation&Emission Reduction

It can be applied to recover LT waste hot water or LP steam in thermal power generation, oil drilling, petrochemical field, steel engineering, chemical processing field, etc. It can utilize river water, groundwater or other natural water source, converting LT hot water into HT hot water for the purpose of district heating or process heating.

Class II Type with Higher Hot Water Temperature

Class II absorption heat pump can improve waste hot water temperature to 100°C without other heat source.

Intelligent Control&Easy Operation

Fully automatic control, it can realize one-button On/Off, load regulation, solution concentration limit control and remote monitoring.