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LiBr Chiller LiBr Heat Pump Download
Steam Fired LiBr Absorption Chiller


Unit cooling capacity : 100kW - 11630kW

Heat input: steam ( above 0.01Mpa)


1. "Pre-stressed" HTG, to avoid pull-off of heat exchange tube: easy to maintain

The unique technology not only achieves the purpose of achieving thermal expansion reserve stress without heating, avoids the occurrence of heat exchange tube pull-out accidents when the HTG is out of liquid; but also facilitates maintenance.

2. Solution reverse series and parallel circulation technology: more full use of heat sources, higher unit efficiency (COP)

The solution reverse series and parallel circulation technology makes the solution concentration of LTG in the middle position, and the concentration of the concentrated solution in HTG is the highest. Before entering the low temperature heat exchanger, solution concentration will reduce after the intermediate solution mixing with concentrated solution. Then unit will obtain a large range for vapor discharge and higher efficiency, also be far away from the crystallization, which is safe and reliable.

3. Interlock mechanical&electrical anti-freezing system: multi anti-freezing protection

A lowered primary sprayer design for the evaporator, an interlock mechanism which links the secondary sprayer of evaporator with the supply of chilled water and cooling water, a pipe blockage prevention device, a two-hierachy chilled water flow switch, an interlock mechanism designed for the chilled water pump and cooling water pump. Six grade anti-freezing design ensures timely detection of break, underflow, low temperature of chilled water, automatic actions will be taken to prevent tube freezing.

4. Auto purge system combining multi-ejector&fall-head technology: speedy vacuum pumping and high vacuum degree maintenance.

This is a new, high efficiency automatic air purge system. The ejector functions as a small air extraction pump. DEEPBLUE automatic air purge system adopts multiple ejectors to increase the air extraction and purge rate of unit. Water head design can help to evaluate vacuum limits and maintain a high vacuum degree. This design can provide a high vacuum degree for every part of unit at any time. Therefore, oxygen corrosion is precluded, service life time is prolonged and optimal operating status is maintained for unit.

5. Viable structure design: easy to maintain

Both the absorber solution spray tray and the evaporator refrigerant water spray nozzle can be disassembled and replaced, to ensure the cooling capacity during the life span.

6. Automatic anti-crystallization system combining level difference dilution and crystal dissolution: eliminate crystallization

A self-contained temperature&level difference detection system enables unit to monitor excessively high concentration of the concentrated solution. On the one hand upon detecting an overly high concentration the unit will bypass refrigerant water to concentrated solution for dilution. On the other hand, the chiller utilizes HT LiBr solution in generator to heat concentrated solution to a higher temperature. In the event of a sudden power failure or abnormal shutdown, level difference dilution system will start rapidly to dilute LiBr solution and to ensure rapid dilution after power supply recovers.

7. Fine separation device: eradicate refrigerant water pollution

The concentration of the LiBr solution in the generator is divided into two stages, the flash generation stage and the generation stage. The real cause of pollution is in the flash generation phase.The fine separation device finely separates the refrigerant vapor with solution in the flash process, so that the pure refrigerant vapor can enter the next step of the refrigeration cycle, eliminating the source of pollution and eradicating the pollution of the refrigerant water.

8. Fine flash evaporation device: refrigerant waste heat recovery

The waste heat of the refrigerant water inside the unit is used to heat the diluted LiBr solution to reduce the heat load of the absorber and achieve the purpose of waste heat recovery, energy saving and consumption reduction.

9. Economizer: energy output boosting

Isooctanol with a conventional chemical structure as an energy boosting agent added to LiBr solution, is normally an insoluble chemical that has only a limited energy boosting effect. The economizer can prepare mixture of isooctanol and LiBr solution in a special way to guide isooctanol into generation and absorption process, therefore enhancing energy boosting effect, effectively reducing energy consumption and realizing energy efficiency.

10. Unique surface treatment for heat exchange tubes: high performance in heat exchanging&less energy consumption

The evaporator and absorber have been hydrophilic treated to ensure even liquid film distribution on tube surface. This design can improve heat exchange effect and lower energy consumption.

11. Self-adaptive refrigerant storage unit: Improving part load performance and shortening startup/shutdown time

The refrigerant water storage capacity can be automatically adjusted according to external load changes, particularly when unit works under partial load. The adoption of refrigerant storage device can shorten startup/shutdown time substantially and reduce idle work.

12. Plate heat exchanger: saving more than 10% energy

A stainless corrugated steel plate heat exchanger is adopted. This type of plate heat exchanger has a very sound effect, a high heat recovery rate and remarkable energy saving performance. Meanwhile, the stainless steel plate has a service life of over 20 years.

13. Integral sintered sight glass: a powerful guarantee for high vacuum performance

The leakage rate of the whole unit is lower than 2.03X10-9 Pa.m3 /S and three grade of magnitude better than the national standard which ensures the life of the unit.

14. Li2MoO4 Corrosion inhibitor: an environment-friendly corrosion inhibitor

Lithium Molybate (Li2MoO4), an environment-friendly corrosion inhibitor, is used to replace Li2CrO(Containing heavy metals) during the preparation of LiBr solution.

15. Frequency control operation: an energy-saving technology

Unit can adjust its operation automatically and maintain optimal working condition according to different cooling load.

16. Tube broken alarm device

When the heat exchange tubes broke in unit at abnormal condition, control system send out an alarm to remind operator to take actions, reduce damage.

17. Extra long lifetime design

The designed service life of the whole unit is ≥25 years, reasonable structure design, material selection, high vacuum maintenance and other measures, guarantees the long service life of unit.